Unimpaired Cheatsheet

command meaning
[a previous file
]a next file
[A first file
]A last file
[b previous buffer
]b next buffer
[B first buffer
]B last buffer
[l previous location (location list)
]l next location (location list)
[q previous error (quickfix list)
]q next error (quickfix list)
[Q first error
]Q last error
[t previous tag
]t next tag
[T first tag
]T next tag
[<Space> add [count] blank lines above
]<Space> add [count] blank lines below
[e exchange [count] line above with this line
]e exchange [count] line below with this line
[os open spell
]os shutdown spell
yp paste with a
yP paste with i
yo paste with o
yO paste with O
yI paste with I
yA paste with A

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